[Giveaway] iMyfone Umate Pro

| May 13, 2015

Devices produced by Apple (i.e. iPhone, iPod and iPad) are the most popular and widely used devices in the world. Thanks to these devices your life is more mobile, interesting and enjoyable; with the help of them you can perform a lot of useful actions, for example, you can call to your friends or send SMS messages (it does not matter where they are; they will instantly get them), browse the Internet and chat with your friends using popular social media website such as Facebook, Twitter, and so on; listen to music, play games and, of course, much more. All Apple devices can give you everything you need.

But very often you forget that those devices need constant care and management. So you need such an application that will help you to find and solve all problems with your devices, for example, permanent data erasure from private and confidential files, reliable and easy to use device clean-up from junk and unnecessary files, and so on. iMyfone Umate Pro is just that application which will gives you everything for reliable and easy maintenance of your Apple devices. It includes plenty of different and useful tools that allow you to keep your device clean and highly workable. iMyfone Umate Pro is an application which makes your devices work properly and smoothly.


The Main Features of the Program- it does not matter which operating system you use; the program works both on Mac OS (X 10.7 through X 10.11) and Windows (from Windows XP to Windows 10) and the system requirements are minimal. Currently, iMyfone Umate Pro supports all iOS devices, i.e. iPhone (from iPhone 4 through iPhone 6 SE), iPad (for example, iPad 4, iPad Air, iPad Pro, and so on) and iPod (i.e. iPod Touch 4, 5 and six generations).

All tools offered by the program are divided into four categories, i.e. One click clean-up, Erase all data, Erase deleted files and Erase private data.

One Click Clean-Up- your device space storage is getting less and less and you have not got enough space for taking new photos, downloading songs or installing games and applications? Do not worry! This tool is specially designed for such problems and it will free up space on your devices quickly and reliably in just three easy steps. All you need to do is to connect your Apple device to the computer (the program will immediately recognize it), click on the Scan button (iMyfone Umate Pro will start the scanning process; the scan time is mainly depends on the capacity of your device but it is not very long) and, finally, you can clean your device and get rid of junk and temporary files on the one hand or delete and uninstall unnecessary photos, large files and applications. So, thanks to the program you have the possibility reliably and quickly to clean up your device and get more space again.


Erase All Data- you are going to give your Apple device to the other person or sell it? So you need to delete all data on it before giving or selling it. This tool is just for this purpose. It will help you to wipe out all data from the device reliably and easily. For data erasure iMyfone Umate Pro offers three different levels- Low level (all data will be overwritten with zeros only one time), Medium (this level will overwrite your data with junk files one time; it is a default erasing method of the program) and High (data on your device will be overwritten three times by using one of the most secure deletion algorithm- US DoD 5220-22 M). Thanks to theses deletion methods all data on your device will be permanently deleted and unrecoverable.

Erase Deleted Files- after the deletion of files, unfortunately, it is highly probable to recover them using special software applications. Just for avoiding that, iMyfone Umate Pro offers a very useful tool which allows you to delete those files permanently without any chance of their recovery. After the scan, the program will display all recently deleted files (for example, messages, call history, photos, bookmarks, and so on) and you will be able to delete them permanently; just choose those categories of files you want to delete. That is all.

Erase Private Data- of course, iMyfone Umate Pro cares about your private data and it offers a special tool which allows you to delete permanently and unrecoverably this private information, for example, confidential messages, photos, and so on. There are three different deletion methods at your disposal. All you need to is to select the desired one and delete all private files for good.

Conclusion- iMyfone Umate Pro is a great and useful application for those Apple users who care about their devices. The program allows them to clean their devices from junk and unnecessary files on the one hand and delete permanently private data. It is really a very needful program who want to keep their devices clean and confidential.

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