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| May 18, 2012

Managerleague is an online football manager game that has been running for over 4 years, and has tens of thousands of active players. New seasons are starting every month. is an onlinegame where you are coaching a team. When you start, you get to choose your team name, managername, nationality on your team and wich league you want to play in. Some of the leagues are Romanian, Norwegian and International where everybody can play. So if your for example English, join the English league. In total it’s 32 different leagues. With over 45,000 members, ManagerLeague is one of the most popular online managing games.

Every season you can choose a sponsor. You get money from your sponsor. It’s many different sponsors, so you should count the money you get from every sponsor before chosing. Some are good for winning, some are good for second and third place, some are good for 4th-10th place and some are good if you gonna relegate. Every new season, you get a youth from your youth acadamy. The youth can be good or bad. If you upgrade your acadamy the youth will get better. Also the higher division you play in the better youth you get. But it is random to, so don’t expect a very good youth even if you have a good acadamy.

It’s 37 rounds every season.

In ManagerLeague there are many trophies to win. The best one is ManagerLeague Champions League. Here is where the best teams from every league plays. First a group stage where the two teams with most points qualify to the next round. If you win MLCL, you don’t just win a virtual trophy, a real cup will be sent by regular mail to were you live. A real nice trophy that probably all managers want to win. It’s a special amount of teams from every league that gets to join. In the leagues with most teams, there are more departments. So in Norweigan league where many teams plays in, there are 6 departments.

Other cups you can win is Super-Cup (similar to MLCL), League Cup, Department Cup and Custom Cups. The League Cup is a cup that every team in your league plays. The lowest divisision to play there is division 4. They enter first, then division 3 enters, then division 2 and at last division 1. The Department Cup is for division 5 teams and division 6 teams. There all 16 teams in your department plays. All enter the same time. The Custom Cups is at Saturdays and Sundays. Some are free and some costs credits. You can create a cup whenever you want. You can make it free but then you will have to pay for the teams that join instead, you can make it cost, then it’s almost free for you. Then you just pay for yourself. You can also make it public or private. If you make it public everybody can join and if you make it private you get a password to send to he people you want to join. You can also choose wich divisions that can join. For example you can chose to make a cup for only division 5 and division 6 teams. Winning a cup or become the runner up gives you money and maybe some credits. I will tell you about credits a little lower down.

If you win the league you also get credits and money. The Champions League, Super-Cup, League Cup and the normal League is probably the thing with most honour to win. You get a virtual trophy and also you get a real diploma if you win the League or the League Cup.

ManagerLeague have many forums. For example two where you can ask questions about the game, one that you can talk about anything, on where you can talk about football. It’s many others to, but that would be very long to write about. ManagerLeague also have a private chat, where you also can ask things and just talk.

This is my rate of some things in ManagerLeague.

Apperance 3,0

I think it’s nice. The frontpage is good and good made. When you come in it’s a little more boring with it’s older look. There you can see blogs and news. But when you come in on the real game it’s good again. You can see the the threads with the latest forum posts, also news there, pretty much everyhthing in ML. You can also choose if you want a blue or gray skin. I prefer the blue one. I like the game site (the third page) very much. The others are ok, but you get tired at them when you have been member for a while. But the front and the second page isn’t so important, it’s the game that is that!

Introduction/Learning 2,8

The introduction/learning is one of the best parts. It’s lots of helpful blogs and tutorials where you can find which formation and playstyle you should use against your opponent. ManagerLeague also have a manual where you can find lots of stuff to help you. It’s also very easy to find. If you want help, you can also ask in the forum in ‘FAQ’, ‘Questions’ or in the ML-Chat.

Game Play 3,0

The game is awesome, it really is. You almost always have something to do. Preparing your tactics, playing friendlies, writing blogs, talking to people, write in the forums, making transfers and loads of other stuffs. If your intrested in seeing former winners of the League, the League Cup or Champions League you can find that easily going on ranks. Or your maybe intrested in some active transfers? When you are ‘watching’ a game on ML, you can see it minute by minute so it gets more exciting too. Or if you don’t have time, just skip to the end.

Fun 3,0

Best online manager game there is i think, so of course it’s fun. I have wrote some things that you can do on ‘Game Play’ but it’s others to. If you don’t have anything to do, you can write in the forum or talk to your ML friends.

Approval Stamp 1

I would recomend this game to everyone that likes football. If you like football and give it a serious try, I’m sure you would like it. It is a really good game, and over 45,000 people would agree with me.

Total Score 11,8

Join now and you won’t regret it! Good luck with your team! One day it will maybe be a Division 1 team.

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