MP3 Tag Express, the solution for mass-tagging and naming your MP3 files

| February 28, 2010

What sets this product apart from most is its ability to load and instantly operate on multiple audio files spread across multiple folders. Save time and effort using powerful and flexible features that require minimal technical knowledge.

Quickly and easily mass-edit music tags, re-number tracks in proper order, and rename files. Populate artist, album, and title tags from the folder structure and/or file names using “Smart Tag Cloning”.

Bulk Copy and Paste tags to artist, album, year, genre or file names, and vice-versa. Remove unwanted characters and artist/album names from tags and file names for one or many files at once.

The “Normalize Text” feature saves you from the tedious chore of converting all uppercase or lowercase text to proper case. Quick-access buttons speed up tagging tasks for multiple-selected files. Full Undo support for all edits.


Category: Tech