Nessus Professional Review

| May 29, 2018

Nessus Professional is probably the best vulnereability scanner /assessment software available on the market.

Available in several favors like Windows version, Linux, virtual machine, Amazon appliance as well as cloud service.

In order to expand its features, Tenable offers different plugins that allows Nexus to communicate with a wide range of networking devices.

Nessus can also deploy endpoint agents to collect data and analyze malware.

nessus professional review

The new version 7 includes several improvements like easy-of-use, increased performance, report enhancements and a lot more. Licenses can be transferred with ease, add your own logo to scan reports, multi-user is no longer supported and you can scan now via ui.

Nessus is very wasy to use and policy creations only require a few clicks. It offers highest detection rates compared to the competition that translates into a better security assessment for your organization. Scan unlimited IPs at the lowest cost.

Why you need Nessus Professional:

Easy to use: Policy creation is simple and only requires a few clicks to scan an entire corporate network

Comprehensive: Supports more technologies and identifies more vulnerabilities than competitive solutions

Low Cost: Vulnerability scanning in a low total cost of ownership (TCO) product

Fast and Accurate: High speed accurate scanning with low false positives

Timely Protection: Tenable researches quickly deliver plug-ins to identify the latest vulnerabilities and threats

Scalable: Move to or other Tenable Solutions as your vulnerability management needs increase

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