Note Hub for iPad, take Notes, Drawings, Task lists and much more

| December 20, 2010

Because you can create projects with unlimited Notes, Drawings, Task lists, Web browsers, Maps, and Calculators. Each document is fully-featured, not watered-down mini-snippets, yet they work together fluidly in a way that makes you more productive. All in a straightforward thumbnail-driven interface.

Note Hub is a unique approach to creativity on the iPad. Whereas some apps do one thing very well, and others do lots of things in a document but not with all the functionality you need, the innovative architecture of Note Hub affords it an unchallenged position where there is little tradeoff between flexibility and effectiveness.

Core features
– Create SIX types of documents: Text Note, Drawing Canvas, Map, Calculator, Tasks, Browser
– Group your documents in projects. Archive old projects to unclutter your workspace. Search documents in a project
– Full undo/redo support for all editing actions and robust saving – no lost data
– All documents can be saved to be edited as a drawing document


Category: Mobile