Photo Vacuum Packer: free your disk space by optimizing your photos and images

| July 14, 2012

Optimized photos are easier to backup or send over the internet because they occupy less space (even without sacrificing their dimensions).

How exactly Photo Vacuum Packer does its magic?

  1. Repacking: Most of digital still cameras can’t optimally compress the photos. Such photos occupy more space on the memory card (and later on your disk), without any noticeable gain in quality. Photo Vacuum Packer will detect and repack such photos, still keeping their quality high. The quality setting is taken from world’s best photo editing applications.
  2. Removing duplicates: It is not hard to make duplicate photos by accidentally dragging files in Windows Explorer. Photo Vacuum Packer will find duplicate photos (and other files) in the selected folder and let you decide whether to keep them or not.
  3. Resizing (optional): While camera manufacturers focus solely on megapixels, they often neglect color quality and picture noise. Photo Vacuum Packer can, if you wish, resample your photos to reduce their dimensions (do you really need a jumbo-poster sized photo?) at the same time removing random noise generated by the camera optical sensor. The photos will look better and occupy even less space.
  4. Changing format (optional): You may wish to convert your BMP / PNG / TIFF / TGA (and other) images to JPEG format to save more space. This option is switched off by default, but you can enable it on the Options page.


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