Possible NetGear WNDR 3700v2 router for free

| July 19, 2011

BISMark is the Broadband Internet Service BenchMARK. It is a project led by Georgia Tech and the University of Napoli to develop an OpenWRT-based platform for performing measurements of ISP performance, as well as traffic inside the home. You can use BISMark to measure the performance of their ISP, visualize and monitor traffic patterns from your users and devices inside your home network, and manage your usage caps.

Running BISMark is easy! Just follow these steps:

1. Get a BISMark Router. Currently, they are shipping the NetGear WNDR 3700v2 router.
2. Plug it into your cable or DSL modem. You can simply replace your existing home router with BISMark.
3. View your data! (the interface is under development, below)

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