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| December 2, 2018

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Sandboxie is the best sandbox software on the market period. Since several years it protected millions of systems from malware.

It’s much more powerful than an anti virus and can work with it to provide the maximum protection ever.

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Sandboxie is the only software that uses an advanced isolation technology (proprietary) in order to separate applications from the OS and therefore it blocks all attepts to make changes to your system so that your programs, operating system and personal data remain always safe.

Sandboxie protects your browser while you surfing and block malware from exploiting your pc. When an infection does occur, sandboxie stops the malware instantly into the sandbox, so you will be safe from viruses, ransomware and zero day attacks.

Don’t worry about email attachments. Use your email program to work with emails. Sandboxie will protect even if you open a dangerous attachment or phishing attacks that your anti-malware software doesn’t recognize.

Sandboxie also blocks other programs to access your personal data like documents, photos, files and folders, etc..

Use sandboxie to try new programs with maximum security. No changes will be written to your hard drive and your pc will always be clean.

Sandboxie is the number one utility that every Windows user should install.

Sandboxie supports:

From Windows XP to Windows 10 (and all other versions)

Both 32 and 64 bit versions available

The most important browsers Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, CyberFox, Opera, from Internet Explorer 6 to Internet Explorer 11 (and all other versions in the middle)

Microsoft Office, PDF files and multimedia files

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