Share your music and audio files with the rest of the world with YouMicro

| November 24, 2009

YouMicro was created in November 2007 to provide internet service for all those interested people in sharing their audio files with the rest of the world.


They are very interested in all those people who have the illusion of creating its own music group or already have it but want to disseminate it as much as possible and show the world that are capable of generating their own music and that it is good what they are doing or even facing their art to the world to decide whether it is good or not, and for this purpose they offer you not only the opportunity to upload your songs but also to create your own albums and announce your own concerts or performances.

With Youmicro you can

  • Upload music and audio files you recorded
  • Create your albums online
  • Create a personal playlist
  • Divulge concerts and events
  • Become a sponsor
  • Join the sounds fan meeting center

YouMicro is here

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