Store, protect and manage all your passwords with KeePass

| November 17, 2009

Everyday we use passwords to logon Windows, email, FTP site, Home Banking etc. It’s a good practice to use different passwords for each service to mantain security strong.


KeePass is a free program open source that help you manage all passwords without the need to remember em all. You can store all passwords in a database protected by a Master Key or by a Keyfile. You need to remember only the Master password or get the Keyfile to unlock and see the other ones.

The database is protected and encrypted strong by AES and Twofish protocol security.

This tool has a lot of features for novice user and also for advanced users.

Let’s see them:

  • Very high database protection
  • Unlock by Master password or Keyfile
  • It’s portable for your flash drive USB
  • Export formats: TXT, HTML, XML and CSV
  • And much more

I suggest to read all features list. There are different versions available not only for Windows. iPhone, BlackBerry, Linux, Mac OS X, PalmOS and much more are available.

You can download Keepass here

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