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| June 4, 2018

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If you are an online marketer or research person, you will know better than anyone that the best way to understand the customer demand, is by getting feedback. And the most efficient way to do that is through online surveys. It doesn’t cost much, involves only a little effort from you and still has the capability to reach thousands of users. But how do you create surveys? And how do you gather the information from the results? Say hello to Survio.

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What is Survio?

Survio is a web app, aka an online software which you can use from your web browser, to create surveys quickly using the easy to use interface. It literally consists of a series of buttons which you can use to add or remove pages, questions, etc, from your surveys.

Using this service, you can create surveys which can be sent to your contacts, or customers from within the interface. You can even print the survey and give it to people and ask them to fill up the questionnaire.  Alternatively, you can also create a QR code which can be used in a sticker, a business card, etc, which people can use to get to the survey.

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There is no rule limiting you to a finite number of questions, so you can keep your surveys lengthy if you wish to. There are 19 question types (styles) which you can use to create your survey.

There are several theme designs to choose from for creating a survey. And you can also build your own from scratch. Results are viewable from the survey dashboard, and you have a lot of options for these including instantly aggregated results. You can view the progress of a survey in real-time using graphs and various charts too.

Individual responses can be analyzed for information and research easily. If you want to make a closed survey to restrict respondents, you can set a password protection option, or use the IP address filter.

On the other hand, Surveys can be popularized with optional social sharing buttons which users can use to share on their Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn or VKontakte pages.

Surveys don’t have to be located on a special page, you can create a survey and use the link to promote it, or embed the survey on your website in the form of an iframe content or a pop-up window, a link or a button. Every time a survey has been submitted by a respondent, you will receive a notification sent to your email or Slack, for keeping track of the data. Before going public with the survey, you can use the test the survey to see if everything is fine using the Test Mode, and the Survey Preview options.

Survio has three premium tiers: Personal, Business and Elite. The difference is that the higher priced plan has more features than the lower one. So, Survio Business has more options than the Personal plan, while the Elite tier offers even more.

You can create as many surveys as you want to, but the number of responses you can collect every month depends on the tier you subscribe to.

Survio Personal has some features which the free plan does not offer including the option to export the results of the survey to a PDF file. If you wish to go through each response individually, you will find the option to export the result as an Excel file (XLS), or to Google Sheets. Survio Personal allows gathering a total of 1000 responses every month, and you can also use survey logic to allow question skips and jumps in your surveys.

Besides the usual options to use multimedia, i.e., images and videos in the survey questions, the Business plan can be used to add images in the custom text. You can add your brand logo in the survey, add your own footer content, and even a special thank you page. What’s more, you can create a branded web link for the survey too.

The best way to promote your survey, is by reaching out to a large audience, and that is possible thanks to the email invites. You can send up to 10,000 invites over email, which can contain your own logo, custom text. You can include a redirect, to take survey respondents to your own website, where they can learn more about the products, services, etc. that you have to offer.

In addition to the common export options, you can use Survio Business to save the summary results of the survey in DOCx, PPTx formats. The individual responses to the surveys can be exported to CSV documents, while the summary reports can be saved along with your own logo which can be useful for official purposes like a presentation. Once a survey has been finished you can display the results of the same on a web page, which can be informative for visitors to your website.

You can collect up to 10,000 responses to surveys every month with Survio Business. That should be more than sufficient for a mass-survey, be it an internal employee survey or a customer survey.

Survio Elite has no limits to the number of responses to surveys you host, so you can use this on a large-scale basis. This is especially useful if your research user base comprises of tens of thousands of people.

You can export survey responses in XML format, PNG, SVG, XLS, DOCX,  etc,. The Elite plan even allows you to create a PDF report which is customizable. The plan allows you to save backups of the surveys and results to your Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox cloud storage accounts. Webmasters who are familiar with Google Analytics can use the same for tracking the surveys.

Both business and elite plans allow you to import contacts which you have saved to your Gmail, Yahoo, Windows Live mail accounts. Survio Elite also has exclusive email support available round the clock 24×7.

You can try the free version of Survio to learn how to use it and create free surveys, which can get a limited number of responses and have fewer tools than the premium tiers.

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