The Social Marketer’s Guide to Pinterest

| August 12, 2012

Pinterest is more than just the hottest social media phenomenon of 2012, it is a valuable new channel of addictive viral exposure and new customers for a growing number of web sites. For marketers, there are opportunities and challenges that are quite different from those at Facebook and Twitter.

This guide takes a look at Pinterest’s role in image driven web marketing and contains essential guidelines and strategies for getting the most out of a Pinterest presence. Find out how your business can use Pinterest to reach new prospects and drive sales.


  • How Pinterest presents opportunities not available on Facebook, Twitter and Google+
  • What makes a Pinterest ‘Board’ and ‘Pin’ successful
  • The steps towards building a following on Pinterest
  • Best practices in working with Pinterest generated traffic
  • Important Pinterest tools and a look at the future of Pinning

The Social Marketer’s Guide to Pinterest

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