Top 4 iPad Games with the Best Graphics

| July 15, 2011

Top 4 iPad Games with the Best Graphics

There are some incredibly well designed games with amazing graphics that have been developed recently for the iPad devices. There are four in particular that are among the best and in some cases even rival some of the gaming experience that many people have with the consoles. Four of the games with the best graphics for iPad are Real Racing 2, RAGE, Infinity Blade, and Dead Space.

Real Racing 2

This is a game similar to Gran Turismo and even some of the Need For Speed games on the market. This game is possibly as close as a game can come to being the real thing. The title suggests as much and the size of the iPad fits pretty close what would be the distance between hands on a racing steering wheel. The game includes multiple modes including a career mode and multi-player mode with both in-depth, increasing track difficulty and many cars that can be unlocked along the way. The controls work very well with this particular game and the graphics complete the package by offering an exceptional refresh rate, taking full advantage of the graphics processing of this iPad device. This particular game is very highly rated on the iTunes store and is one of the more popular games on the market.


This game performs very well on the iPad and the graphics have been described by many as “stunning”. The premise of the game is a competition setting in a post-apocalyptic world where players fight to defeat mutants at various challenges. It has an interesting concept that attracts a lot of gamers. Not only do the graphics not take away from the game concept, they add to it significantly. With 60 frames per second, the game play is very smooth and it would seem that the engineers at id Software have done an excellent job taking advantage of the iOS platform for both processing and graphic capability.

Infinity Blade

Interestingly enough, this is one of the games used by Apple to promote the iPad. This should tell you something about this game being one of the showcases for what the game has done graphically. The story line for this game involves a warrior fighting his way to the top where the ultimate fight against a “God King” takes place. The graphics rely on the Unreal 3 engine which is the first solid instance this engine has been used in a full production game released for the iPad. This game is an RPG or role playing game with some multiplayer aspects and plans to expand to where the game will allow for online play as well. This RPG also implies some levelling that takes place as well. The visual explosion makes this game come to life and the story that accompanies the game play is very entertaining.

Dead Space

This is a survival horror game set in the future in what appears to be a lot of corridor fighting. This plays well to the aspects of hiding enemies that will jump out of nowhere seriously kicking up the level of adrenaline. For those that like this type of game, the graphics won’t disappoint. For fans of the original Dead Space, something to note is that this iPad version is not a rehash of the same story. This is a new original story designed to have a similar theme, but utilize a new character along with different outcomes and expectations. The game has over 12 levels and some good replay value. It may not end up being a game played hour after hour, but for what it is and the accompanying graphics, it’s a game worth owning.

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