TweetSwitch, a free service that allows you to tweet and receive your tweets from any instant messenger or via email

| February 19, 2010

TweetSwitch is a web service so you do not need to install any new applications. You simply log-in to our website using your Twitter account, and configure the way you want to send and receive your messages.

First, you need to add the accounts on which you would like to receive your tweets.
Then, you need to configure the accounts using the 1-2-3 boxes. To do this, you simply drag and drop your accounts into the boxes.
Your tweets will be sent to any accounts you put in Box 1.
If your tweets can’t be delivered to Box 1 (e.g. if you are offline), the message will be redirected to Box 2.
If your tweets can’t be delivered to Box 2, TweetSwitch will deliver them to Box 3.


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