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| November 17, 2019

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In today’s exceedingly distractive culture, you need dynamic content to keep your audience engaged. Obviously, the best way to achieve that is through video. But is it possible to create beautiful whiteboard animations, 2D movies, or video infographics without going over budget? Of course you can.

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With Vyond (known previously as GoAnimate), you can craft phenomenal animations at just a fraction of the cost of hiring an actual animator. Whether you are a solo professional, a small business owner, or part of a full-fledged enterprise organization, Vyond is designed to suit everyone.

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To make things easier to follow, let’s break down Vyond into the three core services that if offers — Vyond Studio, Video for Enterprise, and Vyond Secure Suite.

Vyond Studio

Vyond Studio is an online platform that makes creating animated videos a breeze. It’s intuitively designed with efficiency in mind, where you can easily make use of thousands of templates, characters, colors, and animations to build stunning animations suitable for any situation. For example, using Vyond Studio to help spice up a marketing campaign or engage students with a fun eLearning experience is just too easy.

The cloud-based nature of Vyond Studio means that getting started is effortless — yes, you don’t have to deal with lengthy installation procedures or compatibility issues. Sign into your Vyond account using any web browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.), and you are good to go.

The entire Vyond Studio video creation experience is fully streamlined, and requires zero prior knowledge. Simply specify the type of project that you are planning to work on. Vyond Studio will then walk you through the various user interface elements such as the animation timeline, character toolbar, etc., ensuring that you are fully acclimatized with the platform in record time.

And then it’s time to use the plethora of tools available at your disposal to create that whiteboard animation or video infographic that you were vying for all along. If you are ever stuck, there are loads of tutorials and detailed FAQs to help you along the way. Furthermore, you also have access to dedicated live chat support, provided that you pay for the Premium version of Vyond Studio.

Exporting your saved work is even easier. While you can download your animations in the MP4 format, you can also choose to publish them directly onto major video hosting sites such as YouTube. And for instances where you want to email your work, you can even convert your animations to the GIF format. It’s amazing.

In a nutshell, creating top-notch animations in Vyond Studio is an experience that you would not want to miss out on. But when it comes to organizations, Vyond Studio works best as part of Vyond for Enterprise, so read on.

Vyond for Enterprise

When it comes to workplaces, using video as a form of communication for training modules, product explainers, and marketing content can be the essential ‘ingredient’ that drives both employees and customers into taking action. And with Vyond for Enterprise, you have access to a completely flexible business solution that lets you seamlessly get your entire organization onboard. A multi-seat license for Vyond Studio will ensure that individuals of all skill levels within the workplace can have the ability to create stunning animations that really engage audiences and deliver results.

But while Vyond Studio is designed to be intuitive straight out of the box, Vyond for Enterprise also helps you drive your workforce to achieve maximum productivity and implement best practices when creating videos. With the Vyond Accel program, a designated Vyond customer success manager will take the time to identify the various needs and video creation goals required of your organization, and then create a tailored training program to help get the most out of Vyond. Contact Vyond Sales if you are interested in getting started with Vyond for Enterprise.

Vyond Secure Suite

Using a service within a business environment comes with its fair share of security complications, but don’t let that stop you from deploying Vyond Studio throughout your organization. Vyond Secure Suite is available as a complementary add-on with Vyond for Enterprise, and it really gives administrators additional flexibility when implementing Vyond while keeping the rest of the company systems safe from potential data breaches.

For example, Vyond Secure Suite will stop sensitive information from being compromised by brute-force attacks on Vyond accounts. It features the technology to intelligently detect repeated attempts to guess passwords (as well as other common attack patterns), after which it proceeds to lock accounts to prevent potential breaches. Of course, administrators have total control as to how the security measures will work in real time.

Other secure features include inactivity logouts, where accounts that have not been in operation for a predefined amount of time are forcibly logged out automatically, IP whitelisting, which only allows trusted connections to log into Vyond accounts, and video cache expiration, where cached video content is automatically deleted to reduce the chances of proprietary information theft.

Animate Like a Pro

Videos increase user engagement, have longer shelf lives, and bring higher conversion rates to the table. And with Vyond, creating professional-looking video animations without having to spend through the roof is more than possible. Tons of beautiful and fully-customizable props to choose from, combined with an intuitive user interface that anyone can easily get used to, make Vyond a great fit both individuals and organizations. Buy Vyond today and get to work on your eLearning, marketing, or human resources efforts right away.

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