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| November 1, 2011

MDK is a Sci-fi third-person shooter game developed by Shiny Entertainment released on April 30th 1997 by Playmates Interactive Entertainment. The game’s story is centered around Kurt Hectic, and his attempts to rescue Earth from an alien invasion of gigantic strip mining city-vehicles named Minecrawlers, that are removing all of earth’s natural resources as well as destroying people and cities that get in their way. The game combines action with a sense of humor.

MDK’s gameplay is usually a third person shooter, except when sniper mode is entered. Kurt has a wide range of weapons to choose from, which differ in standard gameplay and sniper mode. A large part of the gameplay was the use of Kurt’s “ribbon chute” which was a parachute that could be used infinitely.

In addition to the standard run-and-gun/sniper modes, there are a few mini-games in MDK. All levels start out with the atmospheric re-entry (explained below), while some levels have a bombing run, boarding a glider and dropping iron bombs on enemies. This clears the enemies far easier than would be on foot and often garners extra weapons.

There are also a few special game modes in different levels. One level has snowboarding sequences where Kurt must navigate obstacles while destroying enemies along the way. In another level, Kurt must disguise himself as a sentry robot to deceive guards.

All levels (with the exception of the final level) begin with Kurt skydiving from the ‘Jim Dandy’ to the Minecrawler below. The Minecrawler activates its radar (a green cone in the screenshot) which if touched triggers the launch of anti-air missiles, which must be dodged. Dr. Hawkins also sends down weapons at this point which (if collected) are added to Kurt’s level inventory.

Each level is divided into several sections called arenas, interconnected by tunnels. Each arena can be different in style and method of going through it. Some are large areas with many Grunt generators, and others combine platform jumping with puzzle solving. Many arenas have a specific solution, like throwing sniper mortars into tubes, pushing objects next to high platforms, or shooting power generators.

The enemies in MDK are a collective of aliens called Stream Riders under the command of Gunter Glut aka Gunta. They use the energy streams to invade planets and strip them of their mineral wealth. The alien force is composed mainly of Grunts, called this due to their number and vocalizations, sounding very similar to monkeys. Similar robots with better armor and weapons are found as the game advances. Usually Grunts are the most numerous forces, and can be sent in large numbers with generators, grunt-launcher tanks, or even brought to action by carry ships. The larger varieties do not have generators or reinforcements (usually), but are much harder to fight with. No matter how big the robots are, they can be killed by one or two sniper shots in the head when caught off-guard.

Besides these ape-like robots, there are a large variety of other enemies. There are tanks, cannon turrets, small firing ships, larger carry ships, special sentry robots, and a few special enemies. Among these, for example, there are giant ships with spherical cannon turrets; to defeat the ship, each turret has to be sniped. One of the Minecrawler pilots has musician guards which shoot strange shapes at you. Some of these special enemies are hard to defeat, while others are very easy and seem to be there just for the fun.

MDK only has six levels, although each level is fairly large; an entire level could take one hour or more.

MDK is a fun and exciting single-player shooter with great visuals and innovative gameplay.

More info and screeshots here

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